Kor Onclin

Educational Art Project

The Onclin-Chabrion Foundation has developed a special Educational Art project designed for primary schools and supranational cultural activities for education organisations.
The project comprises one daily period. Consisting of an educational component: guided tour of a Kor Onclin exhibition, followed by a creative program in which children work independently on a painting activity.
A unique example is painting (car) wheel hubs.

– Stimulate children to develop thoughts, feelings and opinions and learn to voice them.
– Development of expression capabilities through the painting activity.

Kor Onclin was psychotherapist as well as artist and originally remedial educationalist. He knew more than anybody else how important it is for people to learn freely and independently during their childhood in order to learn to express them- selves and form their own opinion. Creative arts during the school years are eminently suitable! They penetrate other layers than the more cognitive subjects.

For that reason Kor Onclin has placed his art at disposal for children. During the late nineties of the previous century he personally did the first projects at schools in the French Ardèche.
The Foundation has continued the project; from 2011 in France and since 2018 in the Netherlands. In this quire you will find the colourful results of the school projects of 2019.