Kor Onclin

Gift items

Along with the possibility to buy works of art by Kor Onclin the foundation also offers various gift items.

  • Art Calender (timeless) with 13 reproductions, €10.00
  • Pochette in full colour, with an imprint of a work of art; contents: five double art cards + envelope (2 cards with text by Kor Onclin), €8.00
  • Five double art cards with envelopes (two with text by Kor Onclin), €5.00
  • Set of three art bookmarkers, €3.00  Set of three ‘Totem’ art cards, €2.20
  • Colours of Amazement monograph, €25.00
  • Notebook – Jubilee article, €3.75
  • Jubilee boek 2018 (in preparation, for sale end 2018), €25.00

Above prices are exclusive of shipping costs. Reduced prices apply on orders of five or more.

Via the webpage you can order products by email (bestuur@koronclin.com). A quote will be returned by email. Acceptance of the quote (including postage) payable to the bank account number indicated (NL20TRIO0197815561 to Onclin – Chabrion Stichting, Alphen aan den Rijn). On reception of payment goods will be delivered by post.