Kor Onclin

Kor Onclin works

An Onclin shows without mistake the hand of the master. The styles are indeed diverse, from extremely abstract to ‘loose’ figuration but everything is distinctive. His strong handwriting shows the themes that keep him so intensely busy.

Kor Onclin loves life. He passionately exhibits the beauty of a landscape, his fascination of the human being in all its forms, but also his anxiety towards destructive powers that violate the holistic nature of life and the world.

Kor Onclin’s colours are those of a passionate and intense living being who is surprised daily at the beauty of things. But his palette contains also shades that show his other inner feelings: the deep blue of the night, his feeling-blue. Also colours of injury and bewilderment. They are less exuberant but nonetheless very distinct because Kor Onclin does not go in for concealment.

In the material stratification of many paintings he shows the stratification of his themes at the same time as its many aspects. ‘rooting about’ with paint, mainly in his earlier works, he makes visible the layers of a reality marked with age. But also the less impasto painted works, of which many on paper, are never made in haste. In a single sketch a whole world is lurking. Kor Onclin appeals to us as spectator, to follow him in his journey of the discovery of life. He warmly invites us to the world he represents and wishes to make known.