Kor Onclin


The Onclin-Chabrion foundation is actively aimed towards fund-raising.
2018 was Kor Onclin’s hundredth birthday. The Foundation committee had great plans for it with special attention to style, festive and variation. This occurred via the publication of a new book, a few exhibitions and an art project at schools. These projects will be continued each year. The foundation is looking for financial means to make this possible. The Tax-friendly Public-benefit organisation regulations (ANBI-regeling in Dutch) can be attractive to private individuals and companies.
Several patrons have already discovered the advantages of the public-benefit organisation regulations. Several works have been given to the foundation during the past years (click here). Moreover, transporting the considerable collection of works and household effects in 2015 from the workshop in Privas to The Netherlands was made possible. In addition, a start could be made to digitalize the many works on paper, the foundation’s long-cherished desire. With our specials thanks to the patrons: Collall (Stadskanaal), Prof. Dr. J. Hogendijk, Mr. S. Pol, and Mr. J. Lindenbergh, MA.
End 2017 the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund and the Dutch BNG Bank decided to provide a grant to publish a new book about Kor Onclin. It will be published end 2018.